Saturday, February 6, 2010

Very Dark Blue Bedroom

The dark smokey blue drapes were hung today.  Jon helped me hang the window hardware on the remaining two windows.  Sorry, to say I've given up painting (faux bois finish) on the floor as I've developed bursitis in my right knee.  Any kneeling on it--feels like a red hot poker.  How I hate to go to the doctor, but now I have no choice.
While icing my knee this afternoon, I started hand sewing an 8-panel lamp shade.  Here's a photo of the shade. The fabric is a linen with black toile pattern--actually I'm putting it in the next bedroom project--the east bedroom.  I bought enough of the linen w/black toile material to make the drapes, valances, and cover the two lamp shades. 

Regarding the lampshade, you'll have to use your imagination, and think what it will look like with the braid trim and long fringe.  I picked up the lamp base for $25 at a second hand shop and added missing crystals.

This old vintage lamp shade I bought as a pair in a thrift shop, the material was literally falling off of them, priced $12 each.  I removed the old material, sanded the struts with steel wool, and spray painted a dark bronze. 

With a rotary cutter, I cut polyester fabric into 1 inch strips and wrapped all of the struts taking stitches along the way to hold the fabric in position.  When my fingers get tired during wrapping I use clothespins to hold fabric snug. 

Here's a detail of the wrapped frame of the old vintage shade before I started sewing on the fabric.  I've mentioned this before, but it is worth mentioning again--if you'd like to learn how simple it is to cover your own vintage lamp shades, Maude has written a wonderful "how to book".

I moved to Wisconsin in 1983 and bought Myrtle & Irving Boe's house.  When I made an offer on the house, I also asked Mrytle if she wanted to sell her walnut bedroom suite.  Myrtle told me those were the first pieces of furniture she and Irving bought as a couple when they were married in 1930.  I paid her what she was asking: $125 for the dresser, full size bed, and dressing table and mirror complete.  What a bargain!

My friend Kathy Bonnell gave me a house warming gift--this beautiful gold brocade channel back wing chair.  The chair & fabric are in fabulous shape, it's a comfortable chair, and a nice contrast to the deep dark walls.


  1. Good Morning Linda,

    I love how your bedroom turned out. You have a knack for covering those lampshades!!

    Thanks for sharing. Have a great Sunday.

  2. Sorry to hear about your knee!

    The room is looking great and I'm so envious of you lampshades! I'm going to get the book (shhhh, don't tell Donnie) as I've always loved interesting lampshades and would love to play with that little project and have my own custom end product that suits my own rooms. That one's gonna be cool and the lamp is great too! As are the dresser and the chair.

    It's nice to finally start getting to the point where things are coming together isn't it? It's looking great!

  3. I'm loving that lampshade. Linda, the room is really coming together nicely. Take care of your knee, and don't overdo it!