Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finishng Touches on Toile Lamp Shade

I finished trimming the vintage lamp Saturday.
You know, half the fun is finding a really cool vintage shade to cover.  I covered this one a couple weeks ago, and finished the trim work last Saturday night.
Can you see the two layers of fringe added to the bottom?  Do you think two layers are too much? 

I took the shade with me to Hancock Fabric on Saturday to find some trim.  Everyone was so helpful at the store.  I asked questions, and several opinions later--a couple gals told me to "go for it" with two layers of fringe.

The braid trim at the top, around the circles, and on the vertical struts was a wider but lacey design--that's not to say the trim was flat because it was patterned with rosettes between scroll-like chains.  That braid trim design made it possibe to curve around the circles.   I applied the trim with a cool temp glue gun, and got through the entire process without burning up my finger tips. 
Eventually this toile lamp will be in the East Bedroom (formerly Junk Room #2).  There is a toile bedspread, and I made matching drapes and shams out of the toile fabric. 

Junk Room #2 is now cleaned out.  You should have been here. We boxed up all kinds of things for Betty's spring yard sale.  I can't believe I finally parted with so much stuff.  My mother in law Betty has some wonderful yard sales--she has quite a following.  Her friends are going to love this sale.

I'm curious.  Do you go to lots of yard sales, auctions, or thrift shops?  Care to share your stories about the neat stuff you've found?  Anyone watching "American Pickers" tv program?


  1. Good Morning Linda,

    I can't wait to see the finished bedroom. I always love the feeling of accomplishment, don't you?

    I think the 2 rows are trim do look great on that lampshade. You have become a regular "pro" at covering lampshades!

    Thanks for sharing with us. Have a great week.

  2. I say you can never have too much turned out beautiful, can't wait to see it in the room its intended for.

  3. Oh, the trim turned out really nice! I love the 2 layers... not too much at all. Very French and sexy!

    I used to go to auctions in the 70's, but they have all shut down out our way. Haven't had much luck at yard sales, although I'm thinking estate sales are the best way to go lately. My neighbor attends estate sales all the time and has found some fantastic buys!


  4. I love American Pickers. I also like to watch Pawn Stars. I regularly shop a pawn shop and my wife has benefited with lots of jewelry at very low prices. My pawn shop is nothing like the pawn shop in Pawn Stars, though.

    The lampshade is great. Those shades cost a small fortune here in California...when you can find them. Your room should look great when it's finished. Keep up the good work.

  5. Your lampshade is beautiful! I had to scroll up fast before my husband saw it and demanded I attempt it. Great choices! The fringe looks perfect for the shade and the lamp.

  6. Lampshade is beautiful. I think I like this one best.

  7. Trying to find a way to emulate this style of lamp shade. Replacing boudiour ruffle style with something like this!