Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bathroom things . . .

While I was upstairs photographing the Tiffany style lamp in the bathroom, I stopped a moment to take a few more photos, and describe them here. We really enjoy this bathroom.
The jelly cabinet holds dark brown baskets, making it difficult in the best light to reveal any clutter. I like that.
Mom bought me some beautiful lace towels. And, the cut-lace runner I purchased in Illinois on the Spoon River Drive. The Spoon River Drive is every October (first and second weekends), flea markets and sales one right after another. Such fun to roam and look at all the stuff.

When we first bought the house in the spring of 2007, I found this bathpowder container in the downstairs bathroom beadboard cabinet. The bathpowder Le Jade was introduced by Roger & Gallet in 1923. Inside was another surprise.

I found out the box of dye is around 1919. I bought an original 1919 magazine advertisement for Rit Dye showing the same box (artwork). One of these days I'll get around to getting the magazine advertisement framed. Right now, its in storage in a little cardboard tube upstairs. I hope nobody throws it away by mistake.
For the most part the upstairs still looks like a homesless shelter. We only have two rooms completed upstairs (master bedroom and this bathroom). We're moving along at a snail's pace. But, during the summer months we carry our restoration work outside.
I'm still struggling to finish painting the house exterior--but have a major wasp problem keeping me from finishing. The exterminator guy took care of the wasps today. Jon is building the new two story garage in the next couple of weeks. So, looks like we'll have lot of new photos to post.

Mom gave me some beautiful blue Ball jars with glass lids. I filled them with menthal scented bath salts. If I leave the lids off, I can smell it and use it as a room deordorizer. Cotton balls in a glass and chrome star dispenser hide close behind the ball jars. I love the watery blue-green colors and crisp white. But what makes it dance is the reddish woodwork in the jelly cabinet and floors.


  1. What lovely space. I adore the wallpaper and all of the little details you have throughut. Sea Witch

  2. I love your bathroom. Great idea for the ball jars. I have some in my kitchen I keep things in.

  3. I love your bathroom. I just hope that when I get to RE-modeling ours that it will be as lovely as yours! Fortunately, though, I am not doing a historical restoration--I'd NEVER make it thru all that you are doing. You pay attention to EVERY detail and do such exquisite work!! I guess that is the "artist" in you.

    Good luck with the wasp situation. Nothing we have done has helped ours much. Fortunately we are at a stand still on our outside work so we aren't having to deal directly with them.

    I love your blue jars and those boxes are to die for!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful bathroom! The dark colored baskets inside the jelly cupboard is a great idea. You have exquisite taste in decorating!

  5. Love your bathroom. I too use the sea salts in Menthol Eucalyptus and the Lavender too. They smell great when opened and are so relaxing when soaking in a hot bath.
    Lovely place you have. Enjoyed your post.

  6. Great photo's of that "private" room...and we too love the smell of menthol...what a good idea.
    You have a special's beautiful.
    Victorian lover here for sure.