Monday, April 27, 2009

Selecting Color for the Upstairs Bathroom

A thrift shop find . . . bird lamp. The theme for the bathroom and for the foyer are"birds". I've been collecting bird prints (small and large ones).

To the left and right of the middle windows are two closets (wedge shaped). The closet on the left is the laundry room, and to the right will become out of season clothing storage, luggage, etc. In the laundry room at the left is a long credenza shoved up tight against the wedge. The credenza is where I store bed linens--a thrift shop find.

I painted the primed beadboard last night. It went from pickled white (primed boards) to a deep rich grayed blue-green color called Bewitch. I'm not sure how I feel about the color---its dark.

It looks very good against the wallpaper I pinned temporarily over the door.

I remember when I was in gradeshool. I selected three sheets of colored paper, one was black, one deep tan, and one a grayed blue-green. I looked at the sheets stacked on top of each other, slightly adjusting the corners building one color on top of the other, like matting on a picture. Now, look at me, I'm arranging the same colors again for this bathroom--some 50 years later. I'm aware of a pallette of colors I've enjoyed all my life.

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